The Origins of My Design Work
I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. I was captivated by the constant change within the ancient mountains and landscape.  After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Architecture in 1998, I  worked in architecture and the  building professions in Virginia, Illinois, and California.  During this time, I had hands-on carpentry and construction experience. I thus fully understand the opportunities and constraints of the building process. 

I then completed a Master of Architecture at the University of Washington in 2005, where I further developed a respect for the built and natural context.  In the Pacific Northwest, I  was influenced greatly by the regional influences on building design and construction.  I began to understand how buildings could be responsive to their climate and fit well with their placement in urban and natural settings.  Overall, my background has led me to focus on quality design, sustainability and the regional influences in building. In 2006, I became LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

I have also studied and implemented color theory and strategies in collaborative design. I worked as a teaching assistant in a design/build studio in which architecture students explored new ideas in the design of affordable housing while gaining hands-on building experience.  My experience with carpentry and design/build work has helped me develop an understanding of detail and materials. 


Since moving to Colorado in 2006, I have continued my exploration of building, landscape and the region.  I have completed diverse projects and collaborated with several architects in the Denver area. I am fascinated by the quality of sunlight in Colorado as well as the regional building materials and techniques. I look forward to continuing to develop structures that respond to the region and specifics of each site.

In addition to design work, I have served as an adjunct professor at both the Art Institute of Colorado and the Community College of Denver.  I have developed and taught classes in sustainable and green design as well as light frame construction and building technology.  The sustainability class investigates philosophical ideas related to developing the individual as a contemporary citizen in the world as well as a design professional.  From this early investigation, the class develops opportunities and experience to apply sustainability and green design into the built world. The light frame construction and technology class develops an understanding of building systems and materials and then helps students develop ways to present this knowledge in form of drawing.

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